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The blind can sense emotion, collective emotions can be detected by random number generators, we really can sense if someone is staring at us, and people immersed in the same magnetic field can share common information and experiences. The evidence that a sixth sense – an ability to sense beyond the five senses – is substantial, convincing, and growing. Leading edge science is beginning to support what many of us have known, and sensed – that we are more than our physical bodies, we can communicate beyond our senses, and we are collectively connected.

My hope with this article is to help others decide to look at the connections that exist between us all, and how the connections with the unseen is not only possible but happens every day.

Just as you can magnetize metal, you can also demagnetize it. Simply hammering a magnet at random will causes the molecules to lose their north-south alignment and therefore lose any and all magnetic properties. Additionally, if you place a magnet into an open flame the heat will cause the molecules to face random directions, causing a loss of magnetism.

So, today is the first day of my week of random acts of kindness. It started in the post office. I had a box I needed to mail. I didn’t need any service since the box was a pre-paid one. All I needed to do was drop it with the postmaster. The line was three people long and I could tell I had a few minutes to do nothing but wait. I must admit, inside I was a little frustrated since all I needed to do was drop off the package, but I knew the wait wouldn’t be forever. I saw a woman heading over to the line and instead of making her get behind me, I stepped back and let her get in front of me. She looked at me with a question on her face and said really? I just shook my head and smiled and she smiled back. It really wasn’t a big deal and maybe it added 4 minutes to my wait, but the benefits of this little act of kindness was worth it. As my new friend left she gave me a big smile and said, “Have a great day” and I think I just might.

While it is always a challenge to place a value on someone’s lifestyle, it is still important to arrive at suitable figure for protects. This is placed at roughly 72 periods a person's monthly income during employment. The different types of incident protect you can opt for are those that protect random / accident loss of lifestyle only, those that protect long lasting partially disablement, long lasting complete disablement and random / accident loss of lifestyle, and those that protect long lasting partially disablement, long lasting complete disablement, random / accident loss of lifestyle and short-term complete disablement.

To create this Easter activity for the classroom you will start with a few Easter sentences. The children can be involved in creating the sentences or they can be created by an adult. The sentences could be about Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny or something that children might do at Easter. To play Sentence Jumble you run the words together and then break the letters up into groups of three, four or five letters. The children have to identify the sentence from the jumbled letters and write it correctly. You can start with the following one.