Not-so-random acts of kindness for the 21st Century

The theory suggests that our ability to detect information at a distance is due to our thoughts and emotions, as electrical impulses, traveling from person to person along the waves of Earth’s magnetic field. A study was conducted to see if two people in the same magnetic field but in two different locations could communicate information. Each participant was put into separate rooms created to block the Earth’s magnetic waves. They were immersed in the same magnetic field by small machines attached around their heads. Both sat in the dark, and during the experiment lights were flashed at random in the room of one of the participants. Data on both participants’ vital signs and signals were recorded and compared to the timing of the lights. The fascinating results of this study showed that not only did the participant in the completely dark room have vital sign responses at the times the light flashed in the other room, but she reported seeing a light at that time coming from the side of her head that the light had been on in the other participant’s room.

Signs of guidance come to us all the time. Until there is awareness that psychic resources exist and are working with us everyday, these events seem “individual” and random. Our life is anything but random. In hindsight, my visit to see a psychic medium was Divine Source responding to my powerful desire from long ago to help others, and to open my soul’s understanding of Creation. The Universe was answering my call.

In most cases, magnets are made of steel or iron. However, there are special alloys of nickel, iron, cobalt, copper, and aluminum that can be made into very powerful magnets. It is possible to magnetize a piece of metal by hammering and heating it in a north to south direction, which allows the molecules to become aligned in a north-south direction. One can also magnetize an unmagnetized piece of metal by simply rubbing it with a magnet in a north to south direction or by placing it near a magnet.

In memory of her recently departed brother–in- law, one of my Facebook friends decided she was establishing a week of random acts of kindness. I loved this idea. What a great way to honor someone that has passed away and will be greatly missed.

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